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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Study Abroad In Italy

If you are a college student, you know that it can be tough finding a job once you have completed your degree program. It helps to have additional experience that you can list on your resume. One excellent way to add to the education portion of your resume is with a study abroad program, where you might choose to study abroad in Italy. Italy is just one of many wonderful European countries where you can study for a summer, semester or year, as well as take part in research projects, which will not only earn you credits that you can apply to your college degree but will also give you experiences that will help to make your resume stand out from the rest.

You might wonder how you could finance such a trip. You will want to check in with your college’s financial aid office to see if financial aid that you receive can be applied toward a study abroad in Italy program. Often times, this is the case.

You will then want to go online and look at several programs based in Italy. Study abroad programs vary as to time of year available, as well as classes available, so you will want to see what is offered that will apply to your degree program at home.

Programs vary, so it pays to check on all of the details before you sign up for any study abroad in Italy programs. Some programs are offered for English-speaking students, and this may make your transition to Italian study easier. Determining where you will stay while you study abroad in Italy is also important. Many times, accommodations are available on campus or nearby in apartments.

Least you think all of your time will be spent in the classroom, think again. You will have many opportunities in between studies to explore Italy. Study abroad programs often offer excursions off campus that allow you to see many of the sights for which this country is famous. Take a guided tour of the architecture of the famous cities, or enjoy a wine tasting and eat regional specialties while you are in this beautiful country.

One of the best aspects of study abroad in Italy programs is the multicultural nature of the setting. You will meet students and teachers from around the world, get to know them, and learn about other cultures. This is a valuable asset for resume building when you return home.

The College Scholarships

An adage says knowledge is perennial. There is no end to it. The more we learn, much more is there to learn and this process continues. It is true in all branches of knowledge. At the same time, higher studies cost quite dearly. Many may not be able to afford the cost of higher studies. Many times, the student may have to go abroad for higher studies because of lack of such facilities in his country or lack of experts in the field to guide him.

How is this problem addressed?

This problem is addressed by what is known as scholarship and grant. The scholarship is intended to help the student to pay for his living and food. It is also intended to cover other expenses related to his studies. Normally, scholarship is given on per month basis. It could be given by the country from where the student hails or by the country or the university where the student takes up the higher studies. If the scholarship is given by the government, it is generally called as grant.


The procedure for availing the grant or scholarship has many stages. First of all, the student has to identify the university or college which has the necessary facility to pursue his studies. Then he has to identify the teacher or guide who can accept him as a student. If the college or university is in a foreign country, he has to complete the passport and visa formalities. After his studentship is accepted, the student is allowed to join the college.

How to find the college?

Normally, the information regarding the higher studies is available in the respective colleges. At the same time, the information can be got on the internet also. The student can apply for the studentship online also. Various colleges invite the students to join their college for higher studies. The offer is normally open even to foreign students.

What are the terms for scholarship?

Normally, the colleges require the student to secure predetermined grade or marks throughout his stay in the college. If he fails to maintain the academic standards, then he may lose the scholarship. Sometimes, those who are working or in-service personnel are allowed to go for higher studies. In such cases, the organization which has sponsored him for higher studies may require the student to serve the organization for a particular period of time after successful completion of his higher studies.


Why Pursue MBA Degree?

Start your business

MBA programs train you in venture financing, small business management and business planning. It helps to increase your knowledge on business and adds to your expertise. The program teaches you all business related aspects to make you an entrepreneur and helps you start your personal business.

Advancing your career

MBA courses are an outstanding way to enhance your career. It provides a better chance for promotion, provides job security and good networking opportunities.

Career prospects

MBA courses in

offers a whole new series of career opportunities for their employees ranging from MBA marketing, MBA finance, Government jobs, and personal business to Non-profit organizations.

Change the world

MBA programs helps to change the world around you. It helps to improve social, economic and environmental standards in non-profit and private businesses throughout. They also help to establish healthy business practices.

Growing networking resources

The benefits of attending B schools is that it helps you to associate with your colleagues, professors and alumni and the connection that is generated helps you throughout your career, offering essential mentoring and association.

Fast tracking business savvy

Business management courses can teach you management skills, business knowledge, problem solving strategies and technical abilities at a much faster speed as compared to other jobs.

Boosts up your earning potential

Pursuing an MBA course helps to boost up your salary and helps you to secure a top position in the management field.


Pursuing MBA degree from any reputed institute looks good on your resume.

Leadership skills

MBA programs teach leadership skills and prepare you for managerial positions in the competitive job market.


Lastly you should pursue an MBA degree to boost up your self confidence. Your self confidence facilitates you in getting a job and thereby leading you to a healthy life style.

Know more About International Schooling

International schooling can be privately or publicly run. The staff working in international schools is usually chosen from job fairs from whom a fair deal of commitment, dedication and expertise in their subjects is demanded. They need to be specially trained for an international syllabus which is slightly different from ordinary schools. The curriculum is usually based on the country of the school’s origin but keeping in mind international standards other global standards of education are followed like the International Cambridge Certification (IGCSE), the CBSE (Senior Secondary), the All India Secondary School Examinations (AISSCE) or AICE (Advanced International Certificate Of Education). The PYP (Primary Years Program) till Grade 6 and the MYP (Middle Years Program) for Grades 6 to 10 offered by the IB (International Baccalaureate) coach a balanced curriculum in the international schools based on the development of concepts, skills, knowledge, self-enquiry and initiative.

There are several international schools in India. Core subjects like English, Art, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Languages are taught in such kind of schools apart from Music, Computer Science, Arts and Crafts. Since there are many students who come from countries where English is not spoken, there are several language options like French, Tamil, English, etc. For students wanting to learn the English language, it is taught through ESL or English as a Second Language. This helps primarily in providing a social, cultural and academic integration of sorts. Creative, Vocational and Technical subjects are also taught apart from extra curricular activities that include physical training and games. Scientific, technological, mathematical, artistic, musical, historical, social, linguistic and cultural approaches are made use of here.

Project based education is another excellent source of international schooling. This makes the course student-based and more interactive. International exchange programs make the process of international schooling interesting and enjoying. This way, students of different nations learn about different countries and expand their knowledge. Apart from this, written tests, student conferences and demonstrations develop the taught, written and learned curriculum preparing the students to compete in the fast changing and advancing world.

The Indian method of learning is more detailed but the international form of education makes learning easy, intelligence and aptitude based and all inclusive. Just enough students are admitted to be able to give individual attention to all. The students are encouraged to learn through enquiry, research, presentation and application in their respective subjects. What stands out here in this form of international schooling is that there is an overall development of children helping them work on their talents and abilities instead of just learning theory based knowledge in academics.

International schooling has become the need of the day for innumerable students wanting to pursue higher studies in globally well acclaimed institutions abroad. As the whole world unites together on common issues and problems, maybe, what we need is a common international form of education that incorporates the good elements of good and efficient schools all over the world.