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Category Archives: Education A Service Provided to Help with Your Public Speaking Requirements

Composing a speech is something that looks easy to do on paper only. After all, everything that you need consists of a word processor, a sizeable collection of vocabularies, and a printer as well as sheets of paper to read the speech in public. Oh, and you are also required to have the ability to defeat stage fever in order that you can deliver the speech unobstructed. However, a speech is actually less simple than that. Yes, indeed you have got to have the courage to take on the public speaking duty. And yes, indeed you have got to be able to deliver the speech in a manner that instills interests in everyone who hears you. However, without quality material, you will sound more like a maniac screaming in front of people rather than someone who has a cause for the public to have a grasp on. A well-composed speech, therefore, is a combination of good oral delivery and the best material there is. If you are unable to do it on your own, you can always ask for help from others who can, such as At this point, you might question why you are suggested to enlist their service.

Here’s the thing: a good speech is one that bears not even the slightest trace of plagiarism and it contains perfect formatting for a reader to be able to deliver it convincingly. Absence of plagiarism will ensure that you are someone who can say something that comes from your own mind while good formatting helps with easy reading. In terms of vocabularies, choices of word should be relegated to those that are plain and easy to understand—unless of course you are speaking in front of people of select expertise, which requires you to speak in more technical terms. But if you are speaking to common people with intention of grabbing their attention, a speech that is composed of straightforward sentences is preferable. It is this specific requirement is what oftentimes drives you unable to come up with a composition that delivers impactful effects. It is easy to chance upon a moment where you slip up and incorporate hard words and difficult, complicated sentences in your speech. Other times, you might write up a speech so plain it bears results of no importance whatsoever. As a result, you waste your time and consequently you abandon other things that need preparation in anticipation of the upcoming public speaking event. Relying on somebody else’s service might help but only if you have asked for their involvement ahead of time. Last minute request, more often than not, ends up with a rushed speech that should not be read at all. Professional writers at Do My Speech, on the other hand, could come to your aide in time of need. Now, if you are thinking about how Do My Speech can help you while even your trusted person cannot, you need to look into the writing service deeper than what you could previously.

Do My Speech is an online service of writing help everyone can rely on. With the company at your service, you can expect the kind of speech that is powerful enough to grab attention and with great, enhanced eloquence. The company employs professional speechwriters to help you get the best result in your public speaking event. Whatever the topic might be, the professionals at the company should be able to tackle your specific requests provided that you have communicated your needs and wants to them. The service comes with revision policies so you can rest assured that you only get the best. Feeling that the end product does not quite meet your personal requirements? The service also comes with money-back guarantee so you can always take back what you paid. And do not worry about authenticity. The service guarantees that only the original pieces are delivered to their customers. Also, you need not worry about people discovering that the speech is not your own creation. The service protects your identity with their confidentiality guarantee so no one can find out that you are not the one behind the perfectly crafted speech you read in public. Enjoy the service and be ready to be the center of attention.

Things To Reconsider about Quitting College

Don’t Let Cost Stand in Your Way

If cost is your primary reason for reducing your college hours or dropping out completely first pay a visit to your school’s financial aid office. Have you applied for financial aid using the FAFSA? Priority deadlines for most colleges is late spring to early summer. However, most of the time students can still get some kind of financial aid as long as you apply before the school term begins.

Another reason for visiting the financial aid office is there may be other sources of aid available to you that you are not aware of. Some colleges participate in state funded financial aid programs and special need based programs that you may qualify for. Your financial aid counselor can give you more information about alternative programs such as these. In addition, the financial aid office may be aware of local foundation and organization sponsored scholarships.

In some colleges the financial aid office also handles scholarships. Other schools run a separate scholarship office. Either way, make sure you apply for all of the scholarships offered at your school.

Many local social organizations such as the Lions Club, Business and Professional Women and Chamber of Commerce sponsor scholarships. Get out your local phone book and start calling organizations in your area. You may be surprised at what type of local scholarships may be available.

Consider College an Investment in Yourself

According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, people with a bachelor’s degree earn over 70 percent more on average than those with only a high school diploma. Over a lifetime, this will make a considerable difference in overall earnings, standard of living and retirement savings.

The power of a bachelor’s degree becomes even more apparent when seeking employment. Applicants with a degree are much more likely to be hired for a position than those without a degree. Specialized study in college prepares workers for a job field or industry. A general or liberal arts degree will help workers gain employment in a wide range of fields. Often the field the degree is in is not important than just the fact that you have the degree.

Finally, college is a time to explore your interests, talents and grow as a person. The experience you gain working with other students and professors will help you mature and be ready for not just the job market, but for deeper life experiences.

Basic of MBA Interview

So you have done your undergraduate degree, you have written the GMAT and now you have an appointment for your MBA Interview. What do you do next? That is the problem you are hoping to have. How do you prepare for it? How do you even get to that stage? Relax. You have been preparing for it your whole life. Now you can learn to put the finishing touches on those preparations. It can be done. Luckily for you, help is available. So here are the basics.

Right off the bat you need to do a little self-evaluation and determine your strengths and weaknesses. Who are you? Have you ever clearly expressed who you believe you are and who you want to be? If you haven’t, it is time to do so. If you can’t answer those questions for yourself, you will never convince an admissions officer that you want to attend their school. They hold MBA Interviews all day long. They are experts at picking up little tell-tale signs of discomfort. Body language that says you really don’t believe in yourself. They see you looking at the ground and they guess that you are trying to fabricate a story. They are faced with utter silence when you can’t come up with an answer and they may think you just weren’t motivated enough to prepare for the work ahead.

When you get a somewhat clear image of the road ahead, you are ready to get on with it. The MBA Interview is just one of the steps of the application process but it is an important one. The interview verifies what the admissions officers have seen in your essays, grades, test scores and resume. It gives them a chance to judge whether the person sitting in front of them matches the picture those written documents painted and to explore the person behind those pages. It is your time to shine, to show them the unique individual that you are, the one that can add another dimension to their student body.

Be very meticulous when you draw up your written application documents . Make certain you can match the expectations you created during your MBA Interview. Talk about your job experiences with confidence. Turn everything you did or learned into a valuable tool you now possess. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Practicing this would be very beneficial. Get some coworkers to practice with you. Set up mock interviews. Tell them that you want them to ask you the tough questions. What are your weaknesses? Not only is that a common interview question, you will want to ask the people who practice with you.

Body language is also very important. When you do your practice run, do a check list with your mock interviewer. Did they notice that you tap with your fingers constantly? Did you stutter? Did you look them in the eyes? Were you so anxious you sounded like an auctioneer, speeding your way through the answers? These are the things you need to find out now. Let the people who agreed to practice know that you are looking for this kind of feedback so they pay attention to it. You want to work on eliminating bad habits before your MBA Interview. If you find you perform well when practicing with friends try to set up a practice interview with someone you don’t know. There are college alumni who are happy to help with this.

Essay You Can Write for College Scholarship

The scholarship essay consists of the largest portion when it comes to screening possible college tuition grants and scholarships candidates. While topics vary from college to college, organization to organization, the idea remains the same – if you can express your thoughts, your experiences, and your ideas eloquently and with finesse through the written language, then your chances of getting a free pass throughout your college career are increased.

Most people will find it hard to start penning their essay and put it on paper of why they are special and deserving of the scholarship they are applying for. Not all people are born egomaniacs. But if you are given the freedom to choose your own topic, then here are some things you can do:

1. Write about the life-changing experiences you had while you were still in high school. These experiences will be a tad easier for you to put into paper because you have lived through it. A personal account of small heroism, an adversity you were able to overcome, a man helping you out in little yet significant ways, and a trip that opened your eyes are great things to write about.

2. Your personal heroes are also a great subject for a scholarship essay. They do not have to be famous or popular, but you should be able to provide in writing how your personal heroes shaped your life as an individual. It is better that your personal hero be someone that you have known personally and has had a great impact on your life.

3. A poem or a story that has touched your soul is another topic you can write about. A moving poem like Invictus or an inspiring novel like The Alchemist are just some of the literary gems that became great sources for inspiring and scholarship-worthy essays.

There is an overriding belief that through writing, a person partially reveals himself. It is through these revelations that scholarship bodies can make valid judgments on who are worthy to be awarded with college tuition grants and scholarships. While you do not have to be a writing expert, you need to write from the heart to get your message across.

Top Culinary Schools

Le Cordon Bleu Schools of North America

The Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts program provides you the opportunity to develop your skills through demonstration followed by hands-on practical application in professionally-equipped kitchen labs. You will be immersed in the culinary/hospitality world, spending significant time in the kitchen applying skills and techniques as dedicated, professional chef-instructors pass on their skills, experience and knowledge.

The Culinary Institute of America

To be a leader in the increasingly complex and ever-changing food service industry, you must be a skilled culinarian, an astute business person, and a creative trendsetter. In the CIA’s 38-month Bachelor of Professional Studies (B.P.S.) program, you will gain extensive experience in the kitchen.

The Art Institutes

The focus of The Art Institute’s culinary programs are to prepare you with a broad range of experience and skills. You’ll begin by sharpening your fundamental cooking techniques and skills, from basic cuts to managing a menu. From there, you’ll explore the world of international cuisines-the traditional classics to the emerging flavors.

Johnson and Wales University

The College of Culinary Arts at Johnson and Wales University can turn your passion for the culinary arts into a successful career in one of the world’s fastest growing industries. By combining hands-on culinary training with a foundation in the liberal arts, business classes, social responsibility and relevant work experience, Johnson and Wales prepares you for success in today’s global economy.

The French Culinary Institute

With The French Culinary Institute’s innovative method of training, it takes just 6 months by day, or 9 if you train at night, to learn what would take years to learn at other schools. It’s all about personal attention, instant feedback, hands-on repetition, and inspiring reinforcement so that each lesson becomes an instinctive part of your permanent repertoire.

Keiser University Center for Culinary Arts

Keiser University’s culinary comprehensive program includes laboratory sessions, academic preparation and hands-on experience focusing on food production, sanitation, nutrition, stock and sauces, dining room management, intro to baking and pastry, storeroom operations, meat cutting, American and French cuisine.

Kendall College

Over the course of seven quarters, you will receive rigorous culinary training, leadership skills and the positive, collaborative attitude needed to excel in the foodservice world. Students hone through this knowledge by practicing them in real-world environments beyond the classroom, including the two Kendall restaurants and through mandatory internships.

Know the Reasons Why Send Your Child to Boarding School Abroad

Boarding school is an educational option given to parents if they want to send their children abroad or in other places far from their home. Though sending one’s children away to pursue education is a tough decision that parents need to make at given circumstances, such form of education still open lots of opportunities to their children. In fact, many academic opportunities are provided and prepared to children who pursue education far from their home because not all invaluable learning experiences can be given to them when they are closer to home.

There are two kinds of boarding schools, the weekly boarding and the full boarding. As the name suggests, weekly boarding lets students spend their weekends at home after school while full boarding allows students to go home on holidays or at the end of the term. Another kind which is not very common is the day boarding and this is for parents who wish their child to stay at school while they are at work the whole day.

The standards that are set by boarding schools, internationally and locally, are formulated to benefit the students most. In boarding schools, students, together with their mentors live in the school’s premises. This way, students are surrounded by their teachers and advisers and a susceptible academic community that encourages further development of their skills and ground for continuous acquisition of relevant learning experiences.

The one important thing that gets developed to children studying at boarding schools is their attitude toward independence. The independence they get at home is far different from what they acquire in a boarding school. Once students develop their full potentials and earn the right perspective about being independent and free, they also learn how to prepare themselves in taking higher education and in coping with more responsibilities as a student and as a member of the society.

Students sent in boarding schools at their formative years learn to adapt with their new environment and interact with their fellow students. As students live in dormitories which are: the typical accommodation for boarding students, they learn to mingle with other students and gain friendship and companionship, take necessary adjustments, and carry out school duties and responsibilities with the guidance of their mentors.

Moreover, students are able to gain awareness of their social responsibilities. The lack of parental guidance is a new milestone in their life that they will face and should overcome. Though everyday life at home will be missed it would be replaced with them, performing their social functions since a boarding school is a classic example of a community.

If you want your child to have an alternative mode of education, sending him or her in a boarding school is a good start. However, you have to assess the boarding school for your child first and see to it that it meets your child’s needs. In doing so, you are not depriving your children of experiencing once in a lifetime learning experience and more extracurricular involvements in the academic sphere.

Top Australian Colleges

Bond University

A private non-profit University located on the Gold Coast, Bond University offers a four-star MBA degree program. Rated in the top twenty percent of all Australian colleges by graduates, Bond University also provides low student to teacher ratios for personalized student attention.

University of Western Australia MBA Advanced Degree

Not only does the University of Western Australia offer an outstanding MBA studies program, but its MBA Advanced Degree has also achieved a GMAA five-star rating.

University of Western Australia

The GMAA five-star MBA program at University of Western Australia, with its campus located near Perth, is the oldest Western Australian university. Noted for its scholarship, the University has dozens of Rhodes Scholars that study here.

University of South Australia

Located in Adelaide, the University of South Australia enjoys a five-star rating by GMAA. A public university founded in 1991, the University of South Australia is also noted for its expertise in applied research and technical education.

University of Queensland

Another top GMAA five-star university for their MBA studies program, the University of Queensland, with campuses located in Gatton, Ipswich, Herston and St. Lucia, offers a world-class business degree and is ranked number forty-one of all the universities in the world by the Times Higher Education.

University of Melbourne

The Melbourne Business School’s MBA studies program has a five-star GMAA rating. In order to achieve a consistent educational studies program with the Bologna process, the University implemented the Melbourne Model in 2008, which incorporates best practices from European and American colleges.

Monash University

Ranked in the top fifty universities worldwide by Times Higher Education, the Melbourne-based Monash University offers one of the top MBA college degree programs in Australia, and has also garnered a five-star ranking by GMAA.

Macquarie University

Ranked by Times Higher Education as one of the top two hundred universities in the world, Macquarie University, located in North Ryde, a suburb of Sydney, offers a five-star GMAA MBA for students. This program is ranked first of all MBA study programs offered in Australia and Asia.

Griffith University International MBA degree

This college in Australia not only carries a five-star rating for its MBA degree, but also for its recently developed International MBA degree program as well. At only two years old, the International program has already earned the GMAA top honor.

Griffith University

Located with campuses on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, Griffith University offers a top five-star program for the MBA business degree. This university is also recognized as having a top MBA studies program by Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Guide in Study Law

Readings in law school can pile up really fast. With laws being created, modified and updated periodically, and different cases being presented continuously, taking up law school education sure is a tough and challenging task. Qualifying for a law school program is hard enough, but being able to stay in the program is a much harder task. Law students face a lot of readings every single day in order to familiarize themselves with the law and be exposed to different cases, different stories and different situations. And just as other students in other fields use reviewers as study guides, law school students use guides known as law outlines.

Usually created by law students themselves, law outlines contain the gist of issues discussed in a certain law and presents it in a simpler and more understandable manner. These outlines can follow the format used in a particular school, a particular curriculum, course or a specific professor. They are useful supplementary materials and are easily found on the internet. It is quite a good practice to compare one law outline to another, since outlines are useful in helping a student get a clearer view of the case and have a preliminary understanding of what the big picture really is like.

Now you can easily find an example of a law outline from several internet sites, but one that offers outlines for free is Outlinesumo, which you can check out at Note that there are also professionals who create law outlines, but the ones found in this website are mostly created by students who register at the site without charge. Upon registration, students are asked to give their first name, last name, email address, school as well as a profile image. Those who visit the site without signing up could still view some outlines though, by clicking on the HTML button, which shows the cached image of a particular outline.

At the moment, the Outlinesumo’s database is quite extensive with a lot of members from schools in both the US and Canada. The site neatly arranges law outlines by date, subject, state, professor, case book and school. Searching for a specific law outline is easy because of advanced search options, and since the outlines submitted are rated, members of the site get to choose the best outlines available. In addition, the issue of outdated outlines becomes easier to solve too, since the year in which the outlines were created are also specified in the site.

Students who upload outlines in the site also get some kind of recognition since the outlines that were given a high rating have its own section in the site, and of course, the names of students who created or uploaded them are included in the post. Nevertheless, the website somehow promotes the exchange of ideas, techniques and styles of students from different schools and countries through its system that encourages users of the site to share their outlines.

Now although downloading law outlines is free, one must be able to upload at least one outline first. Upon downloading one law outline though, a student could download as much as 20 outlines, so this means that by the time one uploads 10 outlines, 200 will be readily available for him or her to download in return.

A law outline is nonetheless useful for students who yearn to get a place in the legal profession. However, one cannot rely on an outline alone in order to successfully ace or even pass an upcoming exam, more so, the bar exam. It is essential for a law school student to be able to make his or her own outline and evaluate how one understood the lessons in his or her own terms.

How to Know Distance Learning School is Legitimate or Not

It’s An Online Course

Any distance learning graduate schools MUST be online and not through pen and paper routes like in the old bad correspondence school days. You must be able to get into virtual classrooms (often conducted in real time) and take tests and submit papers online. You don’t take the tests when you feel like it and then mail it in.

It Has A Real Campus

Legitimate degrees from distance learning graduate schools are branches of a real campus that you can drive to, walk up to the professor and slap him right across the mouth. Alright, so you shouldn’t be slapping anybody physically, but you get the idea. The college or university offering the online degree should be in the business of education in all of its forms.

They should make most of their money with campus education for undergraduates – not with an online course. With more and more quality and Ivy League colleges designing distance learning graduate school courses, you should be able to find a school you (and your boss) will already have heard of.

It’s Accredited

Since there is a lot of “diploma mills” out there, you can’t rely on the promotional materials of any distance learning graduate school course. Of COURSE they are going to say their degrees are accredited. But, are they? Hey, whenever has there EVER been truth in advertising? You must find out if this course is accredited.

You can easily discover if an online degree is accredited. First, check with your state (or country’s) Department of Education for their list of accredited online courses for the degree you want to pursue. Then, check with the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), a non-profit watchdog organization that tries to ferret out “diploma mills”.

Study Abroad In Italy

If you are a college student, you know that it can be tough finding a job once you have completed your degree program. It helps to have additional experience that you can list on your resume. One excellent way to add to the education portion of your resume is with a study abroad program, where you might choose to study abroad in Italy. Italy is just one of many wonderful European countries where you can study for a summer, semester or year, as well as take part in research projects, which will not only earn you credits that you can apply to your college degree but will also give you experiences that will help to make your resume stand out from the rest.

You might wonder how you could finance such a trip. You will want to check in with your college’s financial aid office to see if financial aid that you receive can be applied toward a study abroad in Italy program. Often times, this is the case.

You will then want to go online and look at several programs based in Italy. Study abroad programs vary as to time of year available, as well as classes available, so you will want to see what is offered that will apply to your degree program at home.

Programs vary, so it pays to check on all of the details before you sign up for any study abroad in Italy programs. Some programs are offered for English-speaking students, and this may make your transition to Italian study easier. Determining where you will stay while you study abroad in Italy is also important. Many times, accommodations are available on campus or nearby in apartments.

Least you think all of your time will be spent in the classroom, think again. You will have many opportunities in between studies to explore Italy. Study abroad programs often offer excursions off campus that allow you to see many of the sights for which this country is famous. Take a guided tour of the architecture of the famous cities, or enjoy a wine tasting and eat regional specialties while you are in this beautiful country.

One of the best aspects of study abroad in Italy programs is the multicultural nature of the setting. You will meet students and teachers from around the world, get to know them, and learn about other cultures. This is a valuable asset for resume building when you return home.