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Essay You Can Write for College Scholarship

The scholarship essay consists of the largest portion when it comes to screening possible college tuition grants and scholarships candidates. While topics vary from college to college, organization to organization, the idea remains the same – if you can express your thoughts, your experiences, and your ideas eloquently and with finesse through the written language, then your chances of getting a free pass throughout your college career are increased.

Most people will find it hard to start penning their essay and put it on paper of why they are special and deserving of the scholarship they are applying for. Not all people are born egomaniacs. But if you are given the freedom to choose your own topic, then here are some things you can do:

1. Write about the life-changing experiences you had while you were still in high school. These experiences will be a tad easier for you to put into paper because you have lived through it. A personal account of small heroism, an adversity you were able to overcome, a man helping you out in little yet significant ways, and a trip that opened your eyes are great things to write about.

2. Your personal heroes are also a great subject for a scholarship essay. They do not have to be famous or popular, but you should be able to provide in writing how your personal heroes shaped your life as an individual. It is better that your personal hero be someone that you have known personally and has had a great impact on your life.

3. A poem or a story that has touched your soul is another topic you can write about. A moving poem like Invictus or an inspiring novel like The Alchemist are just some of the literary gems that became great sources for inspiring and scholarship-worthy essays.

There is an overriding belief that through writing, a person partially reveals himself. It is through these revelations that scholarship bodies can make valid judgments on who are worthy to be awarded with college tuition grants and scholarships. While you do not have to be a writing expert, you need to write from the heart to get your message across.