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Part-time MBA Program Benefits

Owing to the demand, a lot of universities and known B-schools are offering part-time MBA programmes to working professionals these days. The classes are held in the evening or on weekends. The course is so designed that it is fit for full-time working professionals who cannot devote much time to studies. Part-time MBA courses are generally three-year long instead of two years like a regular MBA programme. One can specialize in the stream that one wants to ie you can pursue part-time MBA in finance, marketing, Hr or any other that is offered by the institute of your choice.

While you are looking out to finalize from your options of part-time MBA program, there are a few things that you need to consider to make the final decision. You must find out if the institute is has scheduled courses throughout the year. If it has, it may become difficult for you to find time for internship. So, find that out in the beginning. Then, not all institutes offer specializations as in the full-time MBA programmes.

These institutes offer only a small number of concentrated study courses and put emphasis on the core curriculum. So, if you wish to do a specialization, you may have to look for other institutes. A part-time MBA programme that offers as many courses as a full-time one may actually takea lot of time to complete, sometimes as much as four to five years. So, you must decide whether it is worth investing so much time.

There are many reasons why a part-time MBA is so alluring for working people. There are many advantages of the programme.

These part-time programmes are especially very appealing to those professionals who want to give an impetus to their existing career. Adding to their qualification without having to resign from their job or take a career break is a very attractive avenue. A part-time MBA also helps those who have a huge network of business relationships that can easily facilitate a change or upgrade in career.

While there are many advantages of a part-time MBA programme, it is a well-known fact that these programmes are mostly opted by people who are working full-time. Since these courses are so scheduled that they can be taken up either before or after regular working hours, they are a huge hit with working people. Secondly, these programmes allow you to hone your existing skills or develop new skills without having to give up a regular income that comes with your job. Since you would be already working, it would be more practical and feasible for you to manifest what you learn into practice and also take up real-world problems and challenges that you face at the workplace into the classroom where you can discuss them with other students or the faculty. For part-time MBA programmes too, you can avail loans and fee assistance. Also, if your employer agrees to sponsor your MBA education, you get double benefit. Thus, a part-time MBA programme gives you enough flexibility and a workable schedule to carry on your education.

However, there are a few disadvantages too that characterize a part-time MBA programme. The course is longer than the regular MBA programme. If your work entails traveling or staying in office for long hours, a part-time MBA programme will not allow you that. Most institutes do not allow a shift from the part-time programme to a full-time programme if you wish to do that. So, you must weigh all options and seek advice and then take an informed decision about doing a part-time MBA.