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The College Scholarships

An adage says knowledge is perennial. There is no end to it. The more we learn, much more is there to learn and this process continues. It is true in all branches of knowledge. At the same time, higher studies cost quite dearly. Many may not be able to afford the cost of higher studies. Many times, the student may have to go abroad for higher studies because of lack of such facilities in his country or lack of experts in the field to guide him.

How is this problem addressed?

This problem is addressed by what is known as scholarship and grant. The scholarship is intended to help the student to pay for his living and food. It is also intended to cover other expenses related to his studies. Normally, scholarship is given on per month basis. It could be given by the country from where the student hails or by the country or the university where the student takes up the higher studies. If the scholarship is given by the government, it is generally called as grant.


The procedure for availing the grant or scholarship has many stages. First of all, the student has to identify the university or college which has the necessary facility to pursue his studies. Then he has to identify the teacher or guide who can accept him as a student. If the college or university is in a foreign country, he has to complete the passport and visa formalities. After his studentship is accepted, the student is allowed to join the college.

How to find the college?

Normally, the information regarding the higher studies is available in the respective colleges. At the same time, the information can be got on the internet also. The student can apply for the studentship online also. Various colleges invite the students to join their college for higher studies. The offer is normally open even to foreign students.

What are the terms for scholarship?

Normally, the colleges require the student to secure predetermined grade or marks throughout his stay in the college. If he fails to maintain the academic standards, then he may lose the scholarship. Sometimes, those who are working or in-service personnel are allowed to go for higher studies. In such cases, the organization which has sponsored him for higher studies may require the student to serve the organization for a particular period of time after successful completion of his higher studies.